Hand Painted Fused Glass

Hand Painted Fused Glass
Each piece is so beautiful. I imagine that they are very hard to part with. Its a good thing you have all the pictures of them. You are an amazing artist Dar! Love you!
-- Cathy Beauchamp, 1/12/19

beautiful work
-- Cinamon Sneade, 3/13/14

Wow, Dar!! You never cease to amaze me :) SO COOL!
-- Diane Walton, 3/13/14

-- Kristine Erickson, 1/3/14

Very beautiful, Dar!
-- Maureen Migacz, 8/22/13

Really beautiful!
-- Melisa Ferguson Schrage, 8/22/13

-- Jorja Langbeen Widegren, 8/22/13

-- Sharon Erickson, 8/22/13

-- Paige Erickson, 5/5/13

Love them. How Big are they? Dragonfly is my favorite.
-- Jan Fiacable, 5/2/13

-- Bonnie Houdek, 5/2/13

Fused glass for the home, garden and personal adornment.

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